FIFTY FIFTY Overcomes Disputes and Returns as a Five-Member Group… Scheduled for a September Comeback

The agency ATTRAKT announced on the 14th that the girl group FIFTY FIFTY will make a comeback in September as a five-member group, adding four new members to the existing member Kina.

ATTRAKT stated through an official announcement, “We have been conducting private auditions to find new members for a new leap forward,” and explained, “We finalized the new four members in April.”

The agency further commented, “We are well aware that many are eagerly awaiting the new updates and comeback. However, the physical time required for album production quality and global marketing is inevitable,” and added, “To present a high-quality performance, we are preparing for activities in September instead of June.”

The girl group FIFTY FIFTY gained global recognition last year with their song ‘Cupid.’ The track became popular on TikTok, garnering significant attention primarily in the English-speaking world. It even reached 17th place on the US ‘Billboard Hot 100’ and 8th on the UK’s ‘Official Singles Chart Top 100.’

However, last year, the four members of FIFTY FIFTY filed for an injunction to suspend their exclusive contracts with the agency at the Seoul Central District Court. The reasons cited were unclear accounting and unreasonable activities disregarding their health. The court dismissed the case. Shortly after, Kina returned to the agency, but in October last year, the agency notified the termination of the exclusive contracts with Saena, Sio, and Aran. The controversy intensified as it was revealed that the external production company ‘The Givers’ was involved in the background of the dispute.

The agency continued, “To meet the expectations of the fans, we plan to release a pre-release song showcasing FIFTY FIFTY’s unique color before the official album release,” and added, “We are also preparing various pre-promotion activities.”