Park Bo-gum and Ji Chang-wook’s ‘My Name is Gabriel’ to Premiere on Disney+ on June 21

“My Name is Gabriel” is a reality observation show where participants live the life of a randomly assigned person from the world’s 8 billion population for 72 hours in a place where no one knows them. The show explores deep relationships in various aspects of life, including family, friends, and work.

This new variety show is presented by PD Kim Tae-ho of Infinite Challenge fame and PD Lee Tae-kyung from Amazing Saturday. The cast includes prominent stars such as Park Myung-soo, Um Hye-ran, Ji Chang-wook, Park Bo-gum, and Gabi. The impressive lineup, coupled with its innovative concept, has garnered significant attention.

The main poster, released alongside the announcement, teases the tagline, “A strange country, and a strange name, living as someone else for 72 hours,” piquing curiosity about the stars’ experiences as they take on lives of strangers around the world.

As seen in the opening teaser video, the AI program ‘Gabriel’ matches the stars with the lives they will lead, based on pre-interviews and data analysis.

“My Name is Gabriel,” promising a blend of unique entertainment and touching moments, will be available on Disney+ starting June 21.